Tyler Farrar


Tyler Farrar has been in great form and good shape recently.

He has labeled the Spanish race as the toughest grand tour he has ever completed, in terms of terrain.

The American veteran who race for Dimension Data has completed five editions of the Giro D’Italia, Tour de Fance, and rouching wood- the vuelta a Espana. He recounted that the increasing level of difficulty is not exclusive to the Spanis Grand Tour. Speaking to Cycling News he sad:

“This year, I did the hardest Tour of California ever, followed by the hardest Tour de Suisse ever, followed by the hardest ever Vuelta.

“So do we want cycling to be a last man standing epic affair every day? If that’s what cycling wants, then OK. Or do we want it to be more tactical, go back to a more traditional format?”

Farrar has lamented that though most of the routes in the Vuelta peloton are flat they have 2,500 meters of vertical climb, making it very difficult for most cyclers.

“Every day has been hard, I think I’ve never seen a Grand Tour as hard as this year’s Vuelta.

“Everyone underestimates the sheer meters of climbing every stage. 2,500 meters of climbing used to be considered a medium mountain stage, now they call it a sprint stage,” he noted.

Sharing his sentiment, other riders have also complained that the Vuelta and other events are becoming increasingly difficult. David Lopez expressed his feelings to Spanish radio station. He said: “I’m liking the race, but just look at last week when all the gruppetto finished outside the time limit.”

Farrar however seems determined to do his best in assisting his team to make it to Madrid.