UK Cycling Enthusiasts Promoting Tour Primera To Celebrate Tour France

Primera Sports, the UK cycling enthusiasts and experts are promoting Tour Primera to celebrate Tour France 2014 which would be having its inaugural stage this year in the British lands.

Tour Primera covers the beautiful South coast region & features some wonderful riding opportunities with trails and routes in Dorset, which includes Wimborne & Blandford, Wight Isle & New Forest.

Inspired by Tour France 2014 that commences at Yorkshire this time, Primera have focused on local cycling routes of varied distances & difficulties, all tailored to cover the local region & attraction which all together would ensure a superb day-out. The chief purpose here is to stimulate cycling practices in the summer months & encourage the discovery of the spectacular South Coastal region on bike.

Taking inspiration from the Tour de France which this year starts in Yorkshire, Primera Sports have prepared local routes of varying distances and difficulties, each tailored to see the local area and attractions and making for a fantastic day out – the purpose is to boost cycling uptake in the summer and encourage people to discover the beautiful South Coast on a bike.

The routes would by featured on Primera Sports official site, along with interactive map highlighting the route – there would be videos, images focusing on key interests of the area & additional informative details.

Visitors would be encouraged for riding along the routes, enjoy Primera challenge & contribute in the expansion & improvement of the routes through information sharing as well as by submitting videos, pictures & suggestions- which is expected to enhance consciousness towards cycling in the area.

“We are really fortunate to live here, a region dotted with fine landscapes & it is fantastic to go out & explore by bike”, said Primera boss Bill Temple.

24 year old Santa Cruz resident, cycles across nation, raises money

Claiborne, the young 24 year old resident of Santa Cruz seems all set for his 3600 mile, 2 months long bicycle ride, which will see him along with ninety nine other bicyclist, from diverse locations across the West Coast to Washington D.C. The ride will start by the end of May and is expected to end by 2nd of August.

Talking about this event, Claiborne commented that this is his first time for something as grand as this and he had always planned for an adventure such as this throughout his life, and he is quite glad that finally things are falling into place. The ride is being conducted to basically raise funds for a nonprofit organization Push America, dedicated to working for individuals with disabilities.

Claiborne admitted that the idea for the ride somehow dint come from him and was suggested to him by a member of his fraternity. The 24 year old cyclist is also a student with Cal State Long Beach along with being a member of Pi Kappa Phi, which is a fraternity that runs Push America.

Every year the members of Pi Kappa Phi, raise funds across the nation along with training cyclists. Claiborne himself raised approximately 3500 USD against a goal of 5500 USD.

Claiborne is quite well acquainted to biking, riding mountain bicycles since his childhood in Santa Cruz. However this ride is going to be quite different than the rest since it will include gear changes, switching the mountain bicycle with a rode bicycle. The aerodynamic advantage and weight for both differs quite a lot. Talking about this transition Claiborne commented that although this transition is going to be a tad too weird because of the shift from the mountains to the plains, nevertheless he is quite passionate about biking and is quite looking forward to it.