Petition Filed For Improving The Safety on Meads Reach Bridge

Toby Bridgeman (a cyclist from Bristol) has filed a petition demanding for improvements on the Meads Reach Bridge which has a slippery metal surface along with small holes. Due to the surface and holes on the bridge, several cyclists have been seriously injured requiring treatment and cure for whiplash, dental evaluation and stitches. The bridge becomes dangerous especially when its surface is wet.

The petition was launched on the 17th of October, 2014 and over 300 people have shown their support to the petition. The main purpose of the petition is to ensure that the Bristol City Council forces GVA Facilities Management (the management company which owns the bridge) to enhance the surface of the bridge so that the Bristol cyclists can safely ride on the bridge.

Meads Reach Bridge is actually nicknamed as Cheese Grater Bridge and links the Temple Quay central area and the Bristol Temple Meads station. The Sustrans National Cycle Network includes the Meads Reach Bridge. The architect who has designed this bridge is Niall McLaughlin. This bridge was built in the year 2008 and around 2.4 millions were spent to construct it.

Bridgeman has filed this petition to stop the accidents and injuries that take place on the bridge. He wants to force the authorities to add an extra non-slippery surface on the bridge so that future accidents can be avoided.

He had himself suffered through a nasty accident in the month of January last year and had injured his knees. He has even witnessed other cyclists getting hurt on the bridge even if they ride slowly.

A GVA Facilities Management’s spokesman has informed the media that safety of the cyclists on the Meads Reach Bridge is of top priority to the company. Therefore the company is already exploring and looking for ways in which the bridge’s surface can be improved appropriately.

Indecent Clothing Of Cycling For Women Of Columbia

The kit designed by Bogota Humana for cycling was indecent and not according to the terms of the dress code. It was the President of UCI Brian Cookson who recognised the fallacy and tweeted it.

The design of the cycling dress caused furore as it was showcased. It garnered lot of negative publicity because of the way it was portrayed and the loss of ethics. It is described as a see through and flesh seeing skin through fabric. The dress is designed in such a way that it makes the women of Columbian team of cycling look nude. It looks gross according to many legends of cycling. It is the level of the waist line dress which has come under the scanner for its nudity. Brian Cookson simply pronounced it as unacceptable on all grounds be it ethics, cultural, moral or social.

It was during the Tour of Tuscany that pictures were taken and uploaded in the social media. The picture reveals six women wearing skin colour material tight cloth which makes a person look as if the flesh shows. It is a yellow and red hue kit. With such negative furore there is uncertainty regarding the dress which they wore, whether the dress will be worn the next day or not as they are going to represent their nation at Spain.

Many have disagreed and showed their anger by posting comments on twitter according to the UCI President. Investigation by the body of governing is on and a full review of the case is going to take place. Sports has transformed into a joke according to Nicole Cook, the champion of world road race. A behaviour which does not support the sport in any way and a feminist outlook is bound to clash on the issue of dress.

Harsh Weather Conditions Faced By Cyclists During The 2014 Prudential RideLondon Event

The 2014 Prudential RideLondon is a major cycling event of UK which is organized by London and Surrey Cycling Partnership. Along with that, London & Partners and TFL (Transport for London) work in coordination with British Cycling, London Legacy Development Corporation, The Royal Parks, Surrey County Council and London Boroughs to make the event outstanding.

Around twenty thousand people participated in the RideLondon 100 event on the 10th of August, 2014 which began in Olympic Park (East London) and ended outside the Buckingham Palace. The winner of Tour de France and Olympic Gold Medal winner, Bradley Wiggins was also a part of the event this year. Adam Blythe (British rider) claimed victory in the 2014 Prudential RideLondon event.

The route of the cycling race was reduced from the original hundred miles to 86 miles because of certain weather warnings which could not be ignored by the organizers. The organizers of the event took a very sensible decision in removing two of the biggest climbs which were part of the course- Box and Leith Hill because of the bad weather forecast.

First day of the Prudential RideLondon event (9th of August, 2014) was sunny and clear in comparison to the final day of the event (10th of August, 2014) which was cloudy and windy. It even started to rain and cyclists had to actually face and battle against the varied forces of nature.

Due to the bad weather conditions, too many punctures and repairs were taking place during the RideLondon event on Sunday. According to most of the participants, the weather had made the event even more fantastic and exciting.

The best part about this cycling festival was that despite the terrible weather conditions, people in huge numbers came out to support the event and the cyclists who were not even professional cyclists. Thus in this sense the event was extremely successful.