Wiggins is the new marquee of Team Sky

Bradley Wiggins will be participating in the Tour de France in 2014 and he will be getting the position of a marquee as decided by Team Sky. The 33 year old is happy to be in this position because he has always been a team player and knows how important the Tour de France is for all the teams.

He was the first rider from Briton to win this championship in 2012 and also went on to win the gold medal for time trial in the London Olympics. However 2013 has not been a good year for him as he had to pull out from the Giro d Italia as he was suffering from a chest infection during that time. Just after that he faced issues with his knee which kept him away from the tracks for quite a while. But the good news for the team and the fans is that he will be back in the starting lineup and would pose some serious threats to the opponents.

Chris Froome became the winner of Tour de France last year which was a big boost to the team and they would be hoping that with the addition of Wiggins Team Sky would be achieving new feats this season. It was a tough decision to take for the team as to who would be the marquee this year but with the slight doubt about the injuries which Wiggins went through it was the best decision which they could have taken for this year. This would not only benefit the team but also both Froome and Wiggins. Froome is also excited to pair up with Wiggins as they have been the most successful pair in the Team Sky lineup for quite a few years now. So it is to be seen how he performs after the injuries.